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Financial airline company catastrophe cataclysm carnageThe Yo Semite Trump Shirt airline industry in ruins businesses that will die will be more than the humans. Dying shouldnt have wasted money on air balloons and speed boats trying to break records all them years ago bet. He wishes he hadnt dumped his watch off the balloon now mmm didnt virgin sue the nhs for a contract. I would think dont bother he is a billionaire he can afford to support his own companies hes worth billion. I dont think he needs bailing out so bransons down to his last trillion i feel so sorry for him.

Yo Semite Trump Sweater

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Yo Semite Trump Shirt is Available In All Styles

Even considering this is immoral his personal worth is said to be almost billion he pays no uk income tax. None when this is over we will all need to do our bit by working if we can and paying. Taxes when we should time to forget The Yo Semite Trump Shirt culture of something for nothing no contribution no benefits he owns his. Own private island no government bail out for virgin branson can pay up out of his billions cant branson spend. Some of his billions sod him he has screwed everyone else bailouts should be capped at how much taxes their.

Yo Semite Trump Longsleeve

Yo Semite Trump Longsleeve

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Company owners have paid in The Yo Semite Trump Shirt uk i guess that means branson isnt getting anything thomas cook die in or. One year later would prefer early death he is a billion air he could bale us out no they should. Not be bailed out at all if they are bailed out then so should absoluteley every company in the uk. Suffering at the moment fro the justsetup one man band to the big chains time for fat cat company directors. To put some money back in same answer as he gave his staff dig into your own pocket branson we.

Yo Semite Trump Tank Top

Yo Semite Trump Tank Top

Need all The Yo Semite Trump Shirt government money for more serious things bail out no way let him dig in to his pockets. First isnt socialism great i wonder why people didnt want it everybody paid and massive investment in health and infrastructure. He needs to pay his taxes why surely richard branson can bail himself and his staff out nhs should be. Prioritized above all hes got enough money to bail himself out hasnt paid much in the way of tax here. Ripped our struggling nhs off with his selfish claim not one penny good do not give that man a penny.

Yo Semite Trump Hoodie

Yo Semite Trump Hoodie