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Mountain rescue team at risk what idiots theyre lucky to be rescuedcosts money and other peoples lives for their stupidity. They should have to pay for their rescue utter madness going out like that others risking their lives for stupid. People caution in winter seems such a basic idea what happened to their cimmon sense they certainly didnt take their. Brains no only did they put themselves at risk but The Thank You Mood Shirt rescuers too how bloomin stupid idiots putting other peoples. Lives at risk fine them huge money what price is a life what are trainers they should be billed for.

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Thank You Mood Sweater

Thank You Mood Sweater

Thank You Mood Shirt is Available In All Styles

The services involved in their rescue The Thank You Mood Shirt idiots as totally ignorant and selfish as that surfer was what the hell. Is the matter with some people absolute fools waste of important resources that could well have been needed for someone. Geared up for it they should be fined and the proceeds go to mountain rescue to help with responsible climbers. Who get stranded through no fault of their own when entitlement comes through the door common sense flies out of. The window these stupid people risk their lives and the rescue teamcommon sense is a great thing to have whats.

Thank You Mood Tank Top

Thank You Mood Tank Top

Thank You Mood Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Facebook Tee

Ironic is that everyone is saying how stupid they were for not being prepared but there are memes making fun. Of people who are prepared for hiking saying their year old in crocs just hiked cant win these days some. People are as mad as march hares why The Thank You Mood Shirt hell cant people act responsibly they get in trouble then they. Endanger the rescue teams who go out to their assistance walked up in june and snow on top irresponsible if. Them i think that level of stupid should be fined the same amount as the cost of the rescue trainers.

Thank You Mood Longsleeve

Thank You Mood Longsleeve

Not my choice of footwear anywhere off road they would have been caught regardless a good look at The Thank You Mood Shirt forecast. Before going out saves society a bit of money they should be severely fined for putting other lives at risk. Having to rescue them imbeciles i live at the base of ben nevis and the the rescue helicopter has been. Flying over my house daily time to start cashing out to the rescue crews for irresponsible numptys who think climbing. In bad weather is fun a challenge easy not a problem etc reality alertyou could die hint dont be a.

Thank You Mood Hoodie

Thank You Mood Hoodie