Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Shirt

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Air lines and The Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Shirt virgin group have deep pockets and can keep virgin atlantic going why should the british public. Take an interest in a company that has been loss making for the last couple of years people are so. Ignorant richard branson doesnt own virgn atlantic its owned by virgin group and by delta branson resigned as a director. Of virgin group in and has no active role in the running of the company absolutely fuming about this words. Just cant express my anger against branson especially over the nhs debacle probaly why he has his own private island.

Sorry Can't Stoned Bye Hoodie

Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Hoodie

Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Shirt is Available In All Styles

To keep safe and we dont branson needs to bail out his own company and pay The Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Shirt guys that have. Helped make his pile another modern day scrooge that likes to look how much money he has on his screen. No doubt he is residing in his private island retreat wallowing in a state of luxury while underpaid nhs staff. Are working heroically i know who i would give any government money too they want to bail out the little. Man before helping a company at whos main shareholder owns his on island use my taxes to us first the.

Sorry Can't Stoned Bye Sweater

Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Sweater

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Money is needed elsewhere at The Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Shirt moment if market forces change such that your productservice becomes unnecessary then you need. To change your business model richard branson needs to accept people will be flying a lot less for years to. Come whats the point with rescuing airline companies if the long term scenario will be that travel and international tourism. Will face a drastic drop one have to face the facts exactly jo this all contributes to the state of. The nhs social care education and all those services that we suddenly all see the need for x well if.

Sorry Can't Stoned Bye Longsleeve

Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Longsleeve

This company have not made any profit in years why should we bailout obviously they not been running it right. Get lost virgin your shareholders will survive nationalisation on The Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Shirt way for a lot more companies that will go under. In these circumstances get a new board and cut all these fat salaries and bonuses richard branson bail your own. Company out with some of your billions all your money is no good to you at the moment use your. Wealth for a good cause instead and help your own company he should use some if his own money its.

Sorry Can't Stoned Bye Tank Top

Sorry Can’t Stoned Bye Tank Top