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Out an entire page from The Ok Boomer Shirt transcript involving ukraines foreign aid and a page involving. Biden i say investigate the bidens but isnt he the one who threatened to stop aid. If the prosecutor was not fired joe biden threatened to withhold billions of dollars if ukraine didnt. Fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son let that sink into your brain joe experience is great. And the vp has given many years of commendable service to our country with that.

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Ok Boomer Longsleeve

Ok Boomer Longsleeve

Ok Boomer Shirt is Available In All Styles

Being said The Ok Boomer Shirt question is why with so many years of experience along with bernie and warren. Did they not achieve solutions to all of the probsee more oh but joe does a very slow crawl toward. Supporting impeachment last i heard he was considering supporting it wtaf either he is with us or not. What kind of dem candidate doesnt endorse impeachment one who has something to hide maybe. Maybe trumsee more vote trump in he is the best president this country has ever had the democrats.

Ok Boomer Hoodie

Ok Boomer Hoodie

Ok Boomer Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Facebook Tee

Have spent so much money trying to get president trump in trouble who wants another. Obama in office that is against The Ok Boomer Shirt american people so this country needs to wake upsee. More well he not saying that it false witch hunt or hoax so must have some truth. Behind it just like why did he get his son out of ukraine once he decided. To run and cover it up as some sob mental health story why does cnn keep.

Ok Boomer Tank Top

Ok Boomer Tank Top

Saying pushed see more trumps people are trying to claim that its not an impeachable offense because. There was no quid pro quo exchange of good or services but attorneys and intelligence. Professionals say The Ok Boomer Shirt requested quid pro quo began occurring in this exchange frsee more joe biden. Speaking in his own words jan i remember going over and convincing our team others to convince that we should. Be providing for loan guarantees and i went over i guess the th th time to.

Ok Boomer Sweater

Ok Boomer Sweater