Kuzco Says No Touchy Shirt

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Mens lives at risk in a life boat because he wanted to surf in a gale i worked at ben. Nevis in The Kuzco Says No Touchy Shirt hospital at fort william this happens all the time they should be sent the bill for the. Rescue and a heavy fine for endangering others lives i walked up snowdon a few years ago passed people in. Flip flops people with no rucksacks holding bottles of pop some were even dragging their year old kids up to. The top who were crying their eyes out you think tom was one of these warren catterall one time i.

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Kuzco Says No Touchy Longsleeve

Kuzco Says No Touchy Longsleeve

Kuzco Says No Touchy Shirt is Available In All Styles

Heard he climbed snowdon in primark trainers x look at The Kuzco Says No Touchy Shirt bright side next time they will be able to. Adventure themselves deeper into blizzards with their brand new antifrostbite prosthetic legs think those who take unnecessary risks and then. Have to call out mountain rescue and emergency services to rescue them should be given the bill might make them. Think twice volunteers or not they still have to raise money to keep their service going did they have a. Bottle of ginger want to climb ben nevis you will need to register and sign a declaration that your gear.

Kuzco Says No Touchy Tank Top

Kuzco Says No Touchy Tank Top

Kuzco Says No Touchy Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Facebook Tee

Complies with a list of necessities required why are some people so thick not only they endangered them selfs and. Mountain rescuers at The Kuzco Says No Touchy Shirt same time idiots its a good job they had sensible people to go out rescue them. Then they should be extremely thankful there is a mountain rescue to pick up people that are completely inappropriately dressed. With no kit should have left them on the mountain may seem harsh but the message needs to be rammed. Homewear the correct gearleave details of your route and plansmost of all accept full responsibility for your own actions they.

Kuzco Says No Touchy Hoodie

Kuzco Says No Touchy Hoodie

Should be prosecuted for endangering The Kuzco Says No Touchy Shirt lives of the rescue team coming out to find them they should be charged. For the mountain recuse going to help them pure stupidity same as the surfer dude and the lifeboat crew they. Should be charged the cost of rescuing them everyone knew that the storm was coming did they think it would. Miss the mountain stupidity at its best they didnt have a brain between them either dam idiots putting other peoples. Lives at risk because of their stupidness and selfishness should be made to pay costs at the very least should.

Kuzco Says No Touchy Sweater

Kuzco Says No Touchy Sweater