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Help from a brexit goverment disgrace these are The Americans Against Trump Shirt rich companies that spread the virus round the world so quickly. Not without the help of people and governments i might add but they should be bailing the health services out. For their part in the spread of this virus virgin was struggling financially before this they should not be bailed. Out by the public purse do not bail out branson he is wealthy enough anyway the reason this covid has. Spread so far is because of the airlines re think about world travel we can never go back to what.

Americans Against Trump Tank Top

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Americans Against Trump Shirt is Available In All Styles

We percieve to be normality prior to this outbreak all of us have re assess our lives when this thing. Is finally dealt with and that includes him tell branson to flog off his island and sort himself outThe Americans Against Trump Shirt taxpayer. Should not have to bail out this very wealthy man i think its terrible that branson put all workers on. Weeks unpaid leave in the early days of coronvirus is there no savings in the bank where is the cash. For a rainy day what is the business model where you have no cash to pay staff virgin needs to.

Americans Against Trump Longsleeve

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Fail and let someone else in The Americans Against Trump Shirt competition take it cant be having curious business models of thhee super rich. Flouting the system and purging the public purse is branson taking the piss hes already asked staff to take an. Week unpaid holiday he already has billion plus whats he going tocross with it hes already said doesnt believe in. Leaving an inheritance to his children no pockets in shrouds as if branson needs a bail out could probably bail. His own company out times over what about the people the government are not helping who may end up destitute.

Americans Against Trump Sweater

Americans Against Trump Sweater

Branson should be ashamed of himself throwing his staff under The Americans Against Trump Shirt bus and then asking for public money to bail. Him outis he still suing the nhs make branson dig in his pockets bc fed up with rich ripped off. Merchants taking hard working uk taxpayers fira ride give him help but make him pay the money back with all. The interest hand over all assets and company and yes bail them out once the government gets the money back. Sell it back to them he needs to put his hands i his own pocket for a change and keep.

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